Laura Spencer


Ted King


Hike Mt Sanitas

Sanitas Valley Trail is an awesome, relatively short hike right from town that offers amazing views of downtown Boulder. It begins with a wide, graveled trail heading north up the valley between the Hogback Ridge and Mount Sanitas. It affords access to the Dakota Ridge Trail to the east, the Mount Sanitas Trail to the west, the Hawthorne Trail near its northeast terminus, and the East Ridge Trail at its northwest terminus. It's Boulder in its prime with lots of mid-day hikers out or with their dogs.

Visit Nederland

Ted calls Nederland his home-away-from-home. It's one of our favorite towns, just a 20 min drive up the canyon from Boulder:

(See Travel and Accommodations for how to get there)

Nederland, Colorado is a town like no other.  Tucked in the Rocky Mountains just west of Boulder, Nederland has a history rich in mining and music and a future as the hub of the Peak to Peak Community.  With its unique shops, amazing outdoor beauty, friendly locals, and vibrant music scene, Nederland is definitely not your average small town. Whether you live here, work here, or play here, we’re sure that you’ll discover that life’s better up here!

Our favorite stops:

Salto for Coffee -- No bike ride is complete within ten miles of Nederland without a stop for a pastry and coffee at Salto.

Mountain People's Co-Op -- for just a quick snack, Ted recommends their grapefruit sized muffins. Baked fresh daily, they'll fuel whatever mountain adventure you can dream up. Including just a stroll around Ned.

Crosscut for Pizza -- wood fired pizza and beers

Tin Shed for Bike Rental -- if the weather is right, head to Tin Shed and get a bike for some of the best mountain biking in all of North America. True story. The knowledgable staff will point you in the right direction. Heck, maybe Ted and Laura will join you too.

Stroll (or hike!) the Flatirons

The Boulder landscape is iconic for the flatirons. These rocks jet magnificently skyward signaling the beginning of the Rocky Mountains. Just a five minute drive from downtown Boulder will drop you at Chautauqua where you can take an easy walk, jog, run, or intense hike to your heart's content.

Hiking the Flatirons (or just Google Chautauqua).

Walk Pearl Street

To our east coast friends, Pearl Street was designed by the same architect as Church Street in Burlington, VT (or so the story goes). It's a beautiful walking street with shops, cafes, restaurants, street performers, galleries, and nearly anything else you could ever want. The pedestrian area, the "Pearl Street Mall" runs along Pearl from 11th to 15th, but there are plenty of interesting shops extending in either direction from there as well.
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