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Transportation to Boulder

Travel from Denver airport to Boulder is easy. You can absolutely forgo a car rental as once you're in Boulder travel is as simple as walking or Uber.

There's a $9 bus (per person, one direction) that travels every hour from Denver airport to downtown Boulder and downtown Boulder to Denver airport. Follows signs in the airport downstairs to the Transit Center and look for a bus with Route AB/AB1/AB2. You'll need to purchase a bus ticket at one of the electronic stations, from the person behind the booth, or exact change once you are on the bus (it's actually quite easy, we promise).

If you're staying close to the wedding venue, you'll likely be taking the Downtown Boulder stop. You can always ask the bus driver if you aren't sure as they're happy to advise.

Take the Bus to Visit Nederland

Every hour there's a bus from Nederland to Boulder and vice versa. "Ned" is one of our favorite towns, home to great coffee, some nice cafes, and smack in the mountains for optimal outdoorsy activities. The Eldora ski area is likely not yet open, but you can certainly hike around there, or if there's not yet snow on the ground, visit Tin Shed, rent a mountain bike, and rip some local trails directly from town.

Last time we checked, the bus is $3 and payable with exact change when you get on the bus. Pick it up from the downtown Boulder station on Walnut, it's a quaint and sinuous ride up Boulder Canyon, then brief 30 minute ride later, you're there. The Nederland Park-n-Ride is the closest to the action of sleepy, downtown Ned.

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